Enjoying the beauty of purple

Sometimes it’s good just to take time, relax, and enjoy the beauty of purple and God’s creations. I also love flowers and how amazing is this one! I saw it at the Botanical Gardens in Chicago. If you’re in the area and love flowers, nature, a peaceful walk, and even butterflies (they have a great butterfly garden for a small additional charge), take the day or at least a few hours to go here. Cost is for parking only so bring a carful of friends! 

Botanical Gardens

1000 Lake Cake Road

Glencoe, IL 60022

Purple Poncho

Love this poncho! Color is a beautiful purple, more on the mauve side. Great for fall as a “coat” or part of your outfit during the winter. Love that it’s long in front and back. Not sure if works with just leggings for me but I have long legs. There are three buttons on the collar that add just a little elegance. Great with jeans or can dress it up with nice pants. It does come in many other colors just in case you were wondering.

You can get it on Amazon (available via Prime) for a great price. Use this link to find out more: https://amzn.to/2CVZOO4

Have Purple will Travel

Going on vacation? A long weekend adventure? Great news! There’s lots of fun PURPLE travel companions you can take with you! It will brighten your hotel room and make you feel right at home!

These cute little bottles are TSA approved and are perfect for all your toiletries. You can see through them enough to know what’s in them so no need to put an ugly label on them and take away from the purple. Unless of course you have a Purple label! 

I got these at Walmart for less than $1!

Purple head to TOE

Love, love, love this nail polish. Two beautiful shades of purple that goes on smoothly and stays on. Of course don’t forget to also use their base and quick dry top coat. The best thing about the polish aside from being purple, is it’s vegan and 7 chemical free. Read more on what that means on their website www.ellamila.com

Earrings fun and sparkly!

Here’s a few earrings from Sarah’s Bomb Paparazzi collection. Love them all and all are different shades of purple! The spirally flower type ones are so fun! Great shade of purple! The larger dangle ones run a little on the heavy side but nothing that drags your ear down. The other dangly ones sparkle and are very elegant. Earrings for all occasions! Lots more to come also! Once again, each pair, $5! You can’t go wrong! 


Be sure to join her Facebook group: Bomb Paparazzi with Sarah to be informed of live shows and new inventory.

Boldly purple necklace

Love this necklace! It’s bold and makes a statement. The “chain” is not a chain but brown beads. It’s shorter in length and comes with earrings to match. You can get the set for $5! Go to www.paparazziaccessories.com/sarahburke 

Also, be sure to join her Facebook group at Bomb Paparazzi with Sarah

Mauve/Plum bracelets

Here are two beautiful bracelets from Sarah’s Bomb Paparazzi collection. You can wear them separately or together. They’re both good quality and very comfortable to wear. And yes, each are only $5! The one comes with the two bracelets as a set. Check it out at: www.paparazziaccessories.com/sarahburke

Join her Facebook group Bomb Paparazzi with Sarah

Your heart is full of purple

Love this jewelry. It’s beautiful, fun, and so reasonably priced. Each piece is only $5 and many necklaces include earrings. How can you say no? Here’s my first one to share with you. I love the hearts! You can order from Sarah at: www.paparazziaccessories.com/sarahburke

You can also join her Facebook group at: Bomb Paparazzi with Sarah

She has live Facebook parties and posts new items often. 

Identified as purple

Traveling soon? Whether within the US or internationally, many of us now use our passport as our identification rather than our drivers license. Since it’s good for 10 years, you’ll want to keep it protected. No better way than this super cool PURPLE passport cover. 

Check it out at Amazon by copying and pasting the link below;


Paws for this adorable purse!

I LOVE this purse too! It’s my fall/winter purse. I love it not only because it’s a beautiful plum color but also because when purchasing it you not only get the purse, you are also helping animals! The Greater Goods Animal Rescue site donates money from your purchase to help animals. I wasn’t sure if the purse would be big enough (as you can imagine from the size of my summer tote), but it actually is a purrfect size! My stuff fits perfectly in it. No room to spare but that’s great because everything stays in place, making it easy to find things.

The purse also comes in a lighter lavender/grey color as well as other colors. You can check their site out at the link: http://www.kqzyfj.com/click-8896698-11954670

Purple is magical

Going to Disney World? Staying at one of the awesome resorts on site? Then you’ll probably be getting a Magic Band to use for your ticket into the park, key to your room, and maybe even to pay for food, souvenirs, and anything else! Great news is you can get a PURPLE Magic Band! And check out the adorable purple Mickey accessories you can add. Um, yes I’ve been there a few times and how can you not get purple!

A brush of purple beauty

What else would you use to apply your make-up but purple make-up brushes. I like these that I found on Amazon. Not only are they purple but they are vegan bristles so it’s a double win!

They’re Beauty Kate 7pcs Makeup Brush Set Soft Fiber Vegan Foundation Powder Blush Contour Concealer Eyebrow Kabuki Precision Face Brushes with Grey PU Leather Bag.

You can check them out by copying this link: https://amzn.to/2DTjH9Y


Amethyst Lamp

Amethyst Lamp

I love, love, love this lamp! It’s so beautiful! Amethyst sends out positive energy and relieve stress. We all need at least one of these in our homes and maybe on our desks at work!

Even when not lit it’s gorgeous! The amethyst just sparkles!

I got this one at LDH Harmony in Geneva. The staff is so helpful. They also carry Himalayan salt lamps. It will hard for you to get out of there with just one item. Check them out: https://www.ldhharmony.com

Not in the Geneva or IL area? Google amethyst lamps and I’m sure there will be a location near you that carries them.

Not enough room on your desk for one or can’t afford to have one at both home and work, no worries! In front of the lamp is a small amethyst stone as well as one on the keychain you can get. 

Awesome tote/purse!

Love this purse! The color is bright and cheerful and it’s a great size! I’ve gotten lots and lots of compliments on it. Perfect for spring and summer! Great price too! It does come in other colors. Check it out – see link below.


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