Jewelry for the comfy tunic

Here are some pieces of jewelry that go great with the long tunic I featured yesterday. Each piece was only $5. Go to 

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Long bright purple necklace & earrings

Love this long purple and silver necklace. Works great with turtleneck sweaters. It has a nice long chain and earrings to match. Can dress up an outfit or add that fun and sassy look! You get both for $5! You can order from Sarah at:

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Your heart is full of purple

Love this jewelry. It’s beautiful, fun, and so reasonably priced. Each piece is only $5 and many necklaces include earrings. How can you say no? Here’s my first one to share with you. I love the hearts! You can order from Sarah at:

You can also join her Facebook group at: Bomb Paparazzi with Sarah

She has live Facebook parties and posts new items often.