Purple accessories

Saw this cute little container with tweezers, nail clippers scissors and couldn’t resist. The price was irresistible too! Was at FedEx of all places mailing a box. The clerk said we have many items on clearance, check them out. I thought, what would I need from FedEx! Well, I turned around and saw this cute little thing and asked how much. Less than $2! I said it’s mine! You never know when you’ll find that cute, unique, little purple item!

Summer jammin’

I’m all set for summer with my new summer pajamas. I like to have at least two sets so when it’s time to wash one, I have one to wear. These are a very light purple which seems appropriate for summertime. Got everything at Walmart and some on clearance! The shorts and capris are adult sizes. Full disclosure, the tops are all XXL Youth!

Pillow talk

The pillows on couch needed a little “ump” and more purple for sure. Instead of new pillows I got new pillow covers. I know, they’re not totally purple but the purple in them is a very deep purple and they look gorgeous! Ordered them from Amazon. Love them!

Purple in bloom!

I love columbine flowers! We had this flower at my house growing up and I’ve always thought it was so beautiful! I got two last year and some dear friends planted them for me as I just am not the gardener. They bloomed wonderfully last year and I was holding my breath to see if they came back up. Well, here’s the answer!

Showers of Purple

Love this shower curtain! Great calming purple color. It has the upper part where you can see through it. The thing I really love about it is that the rings are the same color and not silver! Like they should be! Has a liner that is detachable making it easy to wash either piece. Very easy to put on your shower curtain rod. You don’t have to take it down. There are slits in the circles and it’s super simple! This particular curtain I got from QVC at a great price! Sadly I don’t think this color is offered any more. I got another purple curtain for my other bathroom which I’ll feature in another blog.

Purple Inspiration

Love this t-shirt my sister gave me. I have it hanging on the door of my purple closet so I see it every day to keep believing and see working on my dreams! Hope it inspires you too!

Weighing in!

Love this sleek purple scale though I still need to read instructions on how to totally use it! I can get my weight but it also will give body fat and a few other things. Color is gorgeous! It’s very sleek and contemporary looking! Another Amazon Prime item!

Dry Purple

Love the color of these towels. I haven’t tried them out as they’re in my guest bathroom, so I can’t attest to how they feel when using them. They’re soft so I think they’ll feel good drying yourself off. I got these at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. They’re made by Wamsutta and the color is technically “iris.”