How cute are these little wire baskets! Found them at Target for a mere $1 each! Couldn’t resist! I’m not sure what I’ll do with them but I’ll figure out something!

Cut it out!

Love my new BIG scissors! Found them at Target. I had gotten smaller ones but never found big everyday ones. Guess it’s time to retire my orange one!

Another curtain call

Love my bedroom curtains. They’re a different shade of purple than what is in my purple prayer room. They’re more on the mauve/plum side. I like that they have the tie to hold them open. Works great as it has Velcro. I hang it on the end of the curtain rod when I’m not using it. Another Amazon find!


Love this wallet! The style works perfectly for me. I had a black one and said, I wonder if I can find it in purple? Well of course I can! The color is great, more on the plum side. It has two “layers” for credit cards. I like it as the slot for my drivers license is on top of the checkbook and there are two slots for credit cards across from it. Works great for putting your most used cards there. Then there is another spot with slots for more cards and has one that could be used for your drivers license or a picture. You can access your money and change and not have to open the wallet part with your credit cards. Your checkbook is securely hidden in the inside of the wallet. I got it from Amazon.

Summertime pajama shorts

Love these pajama shorts from Kohl’s. The color is great and they are SOOOOOO soft!!! So comfortable too! I’d love to find them in a longer version. They also have pockets. Great price too and if you need to order them, go to a Kohl’s and use their kiosk for free shipping. The brand is Sonoma.

Have earrings will travel!

Found this cute little sectioned travel container at Walmart. It’s perfect to use for earrings when traveling. The little compartments will keep your earrings together and super easy to find when getting ready in the morning. There’s also a bigger area for either larger earrings, maybe a bracelet, small necklace, or rings.

Slim wallet

Love this little wallet for when I am using a smaller purse. It’s great. Plenty of room for your drivers license, money, and credit cards. It doesn’t take up much room which is just what you want when trying to cut back and go small! I got it at Target.

Wireless Mouse

Love my wireless mouse! Not only doI not worry about the chord, but I don’t worry about my kitties biting it! So easy to use. Another Amazon purchase!

Another Kohl’s deal

Had to make another stop at Kohl’s and yes, another look at the clearance rack. Hey maybe they added more. They did or I missed this blouse last time. It’s a pretty purple, lighter material, long sleeves, and the back of the blouse is a little longer than the front. It’s a little sheer so you have to wear a tank or camisole under it. It’s lighter but great for spring, summer, and fall for me! It was a little more than the sweater, which is strange, but still a deal, $6.26 with tax.

It’’s how much?

I love Kohl’s and stopped in there for a gift card. Had to check out the clearance while I was there. Of course, I see a plum color sweater, longer, great with leggings, so I had to check it out. It was an XL and I wear small. Then I look at the price. $4!!! Yes $4!!! I also had a 20% off coupon. Tried it on and yes it’s a little big but for $3.20 I can live with big! Even if I just wear it around the house or weekends. How could I pass that price up? Can’t wait to wear it!

Minnie gone purple!

Love these sparkly Minnie Mouse ears! They’re just too beautiful to call Mickey ears! I would so wear these at Disney! They have some new purple items so check them out when you’re there or on line.

“Letter” be purple

I love these sparkly purple letters! I put them on my iPad case and can’t wait to use them again! They’re not super big which I like. I ordered them from Hobby Lobby. I will admit they didn’t stick super great to the case so I glued them. Maybe it’s the material. Once on though they’ve last months and months are still sparkle!

Purple jewelry box with drawers!

Love this for my purple bracelets and necklaces. It has two smaller drawers at the top and then five larger drawers. I keep it on my bathroom vanity for a quick reach for those finishing touches in the morning! Yes another Amazon item.

More organizing in purple

I love this rotating organizer. I have it on my bathroom vanity. As you can see, it can hold a variety of things. I use it for my nail polish, purple of course, make-up, containers that are great for traveling for jewelry or toiletries, contact cases, mirror, and a few other things. Got it of course on Amazon!

Purple winter wear deal!

Stopped at Kohl’s and checked out their clearance racks. Saw this great purple turtleneck. I don’t have one so I thought, why not! There was no price tag on it and looking at other items I was guessing it to be around $5. So off to the checkout I went. It was only $1.74!!! How could I say no! Can’t wait to wear it!