Stick to it!

Love these magnetic boards. Got them on sale at Staples. Going to use them to display my magnets I’m selling at the Burgoo Festival in Utica, IL next month. They’re a great size and easy to transport and light weight. It’s Oct. 13th so if you can, come and say hello! If you can’t make the Burgoo but want to see my cards, magnets, and prints, my website is:


How cute are these little wire baskets! Found them at Target for a mere $1 each! Couldn’t resist! I’m not sure what I’ll do with them but I’ll figure out something!

Cut it out!

Love my new BIG scissors! Found them at Target. I had gotten smaller ones but never found big everyday ones. Guess it’s time to retire my orange one!

Wireless Mouse

Love my wireless mouse! Not only doI not worry about the chord, but I don’t worry about my kitties biting it! So easy to use. Another Amazon purchase!

“Letter” be purple

I love these sparkly purple letters! I put them on my iPad case and can’t wait to use them again! They’re not super big which I like. I ordered them from Hobby Lobby. I will admit they didn’t stick super great to the case so I glued them. Maybe it’s the material. Once on though they’ve last months and months are still sparkle!

Getting organized

I am a little anal sometimes in trying to be organized with my files, info, etc. So I ordered these awesome purple files and this three tiered file holder to keep them in. The three layers make it easy to see the files. I got the file holder on Amazon, Prime of course. Check it out at:

The file folders I ordered from Staples. No free shipping but you can order them and probably get free in store pick up. Check them out at:®%20Colored%20Top-Tab%20File%20Folders,%203%20Tab,%20Purple,%20Letter%20Size,%2024/Pack/product_659790?akamai-feo=off

Works great for your pens!

I don’t know about you but I carry several pens as well as mechanical pencils and a highlighter with me in my purse. Keep them all together and where they’re easy to find in this great little pencil case which in all reality, is supposed to be a sunglass case! You can use if for that too but works great for pens, etc. Snaps shut to keep them in place. Reasonably priced on Amazon. Not a Prime item but it’s free shipping and you get in a decent amount of time. Check it out at this link: