Have earrings will travel!

Found this cute little sectioned travel container at Walmart. It’s perfect to use for earrings when traveling. The little compartments will keep your earrings together and super easy to find when getting ready in the morning. There’s also a bigger area for either larger earrings, maybe a bracelet, small necklace, or rings.

Purple jewelry box with drawers!

Love this for my purple bracelets and necklaces. It has two smaller drawers at the top and then five larger drawers. I keep it on my bathroom vanity for a quick reach for those finishing touches in the morning! Yes another Amazon item.

Prayerfully Purple

Love this rosary! It’s so beautiful! The Our Father beads are flowers. The cross is just gorgeous as are the Hail Mary beads. I think it’s even prettier in person than the picture portrays. It also comes with a gorgeous little purple bag to keep it safe in. Here’s the Amazon link, of course, a Prime item: https://amzn.to/2S0ymCC

Happy Birthday Mickey!

Happy 90th Birthday Mickey! Wow! You look great! I’d never guess you were 90! It’s only appropriate we honor you with these beautiful mouse ear PURPLE earrings! I love them all! Each unique, sparkly, and oh so purple! Enjoy your day Mickey!

Jewelry for the comfy tunic

Here are some pieces of jewelry that go great with the long tunic I featured yesterday. Each piece was only $5. Go to www.paparazziaccessories.com/sarahburke 

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The time is always purple time

I am one of those that still wear a watch even though I have a Fitbit. I just like watches! They can be more stylish than a Fitbit and add a little something to your outfit. I just haven’t gotten in the habit of using my phone for a watch either. Too much sometimes to have to get it out of my purse, etc. I just like watches! Here’s two of mine I love! The first one I got at Kohls. I waited for it to be on sale AND have a coupon so I got it for a great price. The second one caught my eye as I was leaving Hobby Lobby. It was very reasonably priced so I well, couldn’t pass it up.

Great Earring Boxes

I love, love, love these earring boxes! They are perfect for keeping small and larger earrings in place so they’re easy to find and don’t get lost. It makes it so easy so look at all your earring at once and decide what color and style go best with your outfit. I have two of the one with the smaller squares (24) and one of the ones with bigger squares (12). I use one small one for my post/stud earrings and the other for smaller dangly ones. The larger squares are of course for the larger dangly ones! Of course they are another great Amazon find! Both are Prime too! Oh and yes, they do come in other colors if you must know.

The small squares link is: https://amzn.to/2JoXEak

The larger squares link is: https://amzn.to/2ETmW1D

Long bright purple necklace & earrings

Love this long purple and silver necklace. Works great with turtleneck sweaters. It has a nice long chain and earrings to match. Can dress up an outfit or add that fun and sassy look! You get both for $5! You can order from Sarah at: www.paparazziaccessories.com/sarahburke

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Earrings fun and sparkly!

Here’s a few earrings from Sarah’s Bomb Paparazzi collection. Love them all and all are different shades of purple! The spirally flower type ones are so fun! Great shade of purple! The larger dangle ones run a little on the heavy side but nothing that drags your ear down. The other dangly ones sparkle and are very elegant. Earrings for all occasions! Lots more to come also! Once again, each pair, $5! You can’t go wrong! 


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Boldly purple necklace

Love this necklace! It’s bold and makes a statement. The “chain” is not a chain but brown beads. It’s shorter in length and comes with earrings to match. You can get the set for $5! Go to www.paparazziaccessories.com/sarahburke 

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Mauve/Plum bracelets

Here are two beautiful bracelets from Sarah’s Bomb Paparazzi collection. You can wear them separately or together. They’re both good quality and very comfortable to wear. And yes, each are only $5! The one comes with the two bracelets as a set. Check it out at: www.paparazziaccessories.com/sarahburke

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Your heart is full of purple

Love this jewelry. It’s beautiful, fun, and so reasonably priced. Each piece is only $5 and many necklaces include earrings. How can you say no? Here’s my first one to share with you. I love the hearts! You can order from Sarah at: www.paparazziaccessories.com/sarahburke

You can also join her Facebook group at: Bomb Paparazzi with Sarah

She has live Facebook parties and posts new items often.