Contains purple

Ok so their product placement worked. This cute little purple jar caught my eye at Michaels. It was $1! So of course I bought two! I am not sure yet what I’ll fill it with but I’m sure it will be purple!


How cute are these little wire baskets! Found them at Target for a mere $1 each! Couldn’t resist! I’m not sure what I’ll do with them but I’ll figure out something!

Cut it out!

Love my new BIG scissors! Found them at Target. I had gotten smaller ones but never found big everyday ones. Guess it’s time to retire my orange one!

Another curtain call

Love my bedroom curtains. They’re a different shade of purple than what is in my purple prayer room. They’re more on the mauve/plum side. I like that they have the tie to hold them open. Works great as it has Velcro. I hang it on the end of the curtain rod when I’m not using it. Another Amazon find!

Showers of Purple

Love this shower curtain! Great calming purple color. It has the upper part where you can see through it. The thing I really love about it is that the rings are the same color and not silver! Like they should be! Has a liner that is detachable making it easy to wash either piece. Very easy to put on your shower curtain rod. You don’t have to take it down. There are slits in the circles and it’s super simple! This particular curtain I got from QVC at a great price! Sadly I don’t think this color is offered any more. I got another purple curtain for my other bathroom which I’ll feature in another blog.

Dry Purple

Love the color of these towels. I haven’t tried them out as they’re in my guest bathroom, so I can’t attest to how they feel when using them. They’re soft so I think they’ll feel good drying yourself off. I got these at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. They’re made by Wamsutta and the color is technically “iris.”

Purple kush

Oh my gosh! These bathroom mats are SO soft and kushy! Love the feel on my feet! I’d like this as my carpet in every room! Darker purple but I like it! It’s again from Amazon and a Prime item. Here’s the link:

Purple – Stop it!

This adorable “ball of yarn” is a door stopper! It works very well! Its six inches in diameter and weighs 4.64 pounds. Stays in place too! Was wondering if my cats would try to play with it but so far so good. Got it from Amazon and yes it’s a Prime item. Click on the link:


Bathroom Accessories

Love these bathroom accessories even if they are in my guest bathroom! They won’t be used much, but that’s ok! Love the various shades of purple and they’re very contemporary looking. All four pieces are in the set, soap dish, tumbler, toothbrush holder, and lotion dispenser. They’re by Immanuel Float Designer. Another lovely Amazon Prime item. Here’s the link:

Totally Purple Bathroom

Love, love, love my purple bathroom! This is my spare bathroom I switched over to totally purple. It’s so warm and inviting. Sometimes I just walk by, turn on the light, and smile! Most everything is from Amazon except the shower curtain, that’s from QVC. Here’s the total picture. I’ll feature each item in their own post. Love it!

Switch on to Purple

I’m changing one of my rooms to a purple prayer room and wanted the light switch plates to be purple. Could have ordered some but to save a little money and not be wasteful of the light switch plates I had, I made my own. I got some spray paint, took advantage of a warmer day we had a few weeks ago, and the rest is history!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Who says Valentine’s Day has to be red! Got this cute heart shaped box at Target. Many options for using it, a box to store things, a decoration on your table or shelf, or hang it on the wall!