Enjoying the beauty of purple

Sometimes it’s good just to take time, relax, and enjoy the beauty of purple and God’s creations. I also love flowers and how amazing is this one! I saw it at the Botanical Gardens in Chicago. If you’re in the area and love flowers, nature, a peaceful walk, and even butterflies (they have a great butterfly garden for a small additional charge), take the day or at least a few hours to go here. Cost is for parking only so bring a carful of friends! 

Botanical Gardens

1000 Lake Cake Road

Glencoe, IL 60022

Purple in bloom!

I love columbine flowers! We had this flower at my house growing up and I’ve always thought it was so beautiful! I got two last year and some dear friends planted them for me as I just am not the gardener. They bloomed wonderfully last year and I was holding my breath to see if they came back up. Well, here’s the answer!

More enjoying the beauty of purple

For many of us fall is in full swing, leaves are turning, temperatures are dropping, and days can be dreary.  Today’s post is to simply enjoy the beauty of purple and know after winter, spring will follow! I took this at the Botanical Gardens in Chicago.