Super Warm Gloves

I’m a huge fan of Lakeside Collection and LTD Commodities. When I get their catalog, it takes me back to when I was a kid and the Sears and Penny’s Christmas catalog arrived! I just love looking at it! Lot of fun things at great prices! I ordered these mauve gloves and love them. It’s the second pair of gloves I’ve ordered from them and honestly, they are some of the warmest gloves ever! For the price, you can’t go wrong. Order two pair. I did! Check them out at: or

A little extra warmth

I’ve gotten several pairs of leggings that I love! You can wear them alone or if you’re like me, wear them under your jeans, pants, or dresses during the fall and winter for just a little extra warmth. I have to admit, I usually wear them from October through April! I’ll review each separately though they’re all great. I got these on Amazon and oh my gosh! They are super, super comfortable and warm! They are long enough on me so they’ll keep your entire leg warm! Reasonably priced and yes, a Prime item. I also love that they are flat in the sense that it’s not going to show much of a line if you’r wearing a tight sweater say. Here’s the link:

These Boots were made for Me!

It’s fall and for me that means it’s BOOT weather! I LOVE boots! So of course I had to find some purple boots to finish off my outfits. Just got these from Amazon and love them. Great color, comfortable for walking, though probably not a marathon! Low flat heel, which I try to do these days and love the buckle. It gives them a nice finish. I ordered a size up only because I usually wear heavy socks during the winter and they fit fine but probably not necessary. Reasonably priced and yes, a Prime item. 

Check them out at:

Button down long sweater

This is a great sweater that can be worn as a sweater or on a warmer fall day as a jacket. It’s a heavier knit. Love that it’s longer and heavier as that always works well for me. The buttons are brown not black. Can wear a long sleeved shirt or turtleneck under it. Fun with jeans or casual slacks. Works great with jeggings and boots too! Note: it says hooded sweater in the name but there is no hood on it.

Check it out on Amazon at: women open front pocket cardigan sweater purple&index=aps&camp=1789&creative=9325&linkCode=ur2&linkId=a4aa284e4c9aca565a5030f8f1a3fdba

Long Purple Fleece Hoodie

This is so comfortable! And so long! I love it! I like my things longer and that’s many times hard for me to find since I’m 5’10”. This is long, looser fitting, and so soft and warm. I am tempted to get another one! It does come in other colors and is available via Amazon and Prime! Check it out at:

Purple Poncho

Love this poncho! Color is a beautiful purple, more on the mauve side. Great for fall as a “coat” or part of your outfit during the winter. Love that it’s long in front and back. Not sure if works with just leggings for me but I have long legs. There are three buttons on the collar that add just a little elegance. Great with jeans or can dress it up with nice pants. It does come in many other colors just in case you were wondering.

You can get it on Amazon (available via Prime) for a great price. Use this link to find out more:

Hang on purple

What do you hang your purple attire on?  Why purple hangers of course! Love these. They’re a great color and are non slip. These came in a set of 45 (I’m almost out and will have to re-order soon!). They do come in other colors if for some strange reason you didn’t want purple. I’m sure it’d be to color coordinate the few other items you have that aren’t purple. They’re available on Amazon. They’re not a prime item but it’s free shipping. The wait isn’t that long. 

Coming soon – what’s on those hangers – clothing items! Many will be for fall and winter but there will be a few spring and summer for those of you not fortunate enough to have below freezing temps and snow. 

Here’s the link if you’re interested in checking them out: