Loose fitting sweater

Love this sweater! So comfortable! Only thing is you really have to wear something under it as (at least for me) it’s cut pretty low. It works for me as I’m usually cold so another layer isn’t a bad thing. You can wear a tank top if you’re worried about being too warm. It’s not super heavy so that shouldn’t be a problem. It fits loose and is long, which is always a good thing for me! Goes great with jeans or leggings. Got it on Amazon.

From Top to Bottom!

Found these cute purple Levi jeans at Kohl’s. Surprised regular was long enough. I’d rather have gotten them in long but they are out of them in my size. These will work good enough.

Ready for Fall!

About this time of year, especially with football season around the corner, I start getting excited for sweater and boot season! Just found this awesome long dark purple sweater at Walmart.

Summertime pajama shorts

Love these pajama shorts from Kohl’s. The color is great and they are SOOOOOO soft!!! So comfortable too! I’d love to find them in a longer version. They also have pockets. Great price too and if you need to order them, go to a Kohl’s and use their kiosk for free shipping. The brand is Sonoma.

Another Kohl’s deal

Had to make another stop at Kohl’s and yes, another look at the clearance rack. Hey maybe they added more. They did or I missed this blouse last time. It’s a pretty purple, lighter material, long sleeves, and the back of the blouse is a little longer than the front. It’s a little sheer so you have to wear a tank or camisole under it. It’s lighter but great for spring, summer, and fall for me! It was a little more than the sweater, which is strange, but still a deal, $6.26 with tax.

It’’s how much?

I love Kohl’s and stopped in there for a gift card. Had to check out the clearance while I was there. Of course, I see a plum color sweater, longer, great with leggings, so I had to check it out. It was an XL and I wear small. Then I look at the price. $4!!! Yes $4!!! I also had a 20% off coupon. Tried it on and yes it’s a little big but for $3.20 I can live with big! Even if I just wear it around the house or weekends. How could I pass that price up? Can’t wait to wear it!

Purple winter wear deal!

Stopped at Kohl’s and checked out their clearance racks. Saw this great purple turtleneck. I don’t have one so I thought, why not! There was no price tag on it and looking at other items I was guessing it to be around $5. So off to the checkout I went. It was only $1.74!!! How could I say no! Can’t wait to wear it!

Summer jammin’

I’m all set for summer with my new summer pajamas. I like to have at least two sets so when it’s time to wash one, I have one to wear. These are a very light purple which seems appropriate for summertime. Got everything at Walmart and some on clearance! The shorts and capris are adult sizes. Full disclosure, the tops are all XXL Youth!

Purple Inspiration

Love this t-shirt my sister gave me. I have it hanging on the door of my purple closet so I see it every day to keep believing and see working on my dreams! Hope it inspires you too!

Leg warmers

Temperatures are dropping. Add an extra layer with these awesome leg warmers. Got them from Amazon. They’re not a prime item and takes a few weeks to get so order now. Here’s the link: https://amzn.to/2KyMTCX

Cute and super comfortable tunic top

Just got this comfy long tunic top. Material is a knit rather than sweater so it’s thinner but warm. It also has a stretchy feel to it. For super cold weather I’ll probably wear a long sleeve top under it, which is actually normal for me during the winter. Love the buttons as they just add that little extra to the top. It’s long enough to wear with leggings or jeans and yes, boots! Got it where else, Amazon of course! It’s a Prime item which makes it even better! Check it out at: https://amzn.to/2RPUu2p

A warm and fuzzy for my toes!

Got both of these fuzzy socks at Walmart for I believe $3 a pair. Love them! So super soft and keep my feet warm for those cold winter nights! I see a return trip in the future!