Stick to it!

Love these magnetic boards. Got them on sale at Staples. Going to use them to display my magnets I’m selling at the Burgoo Festival in Utica, IL next month. They’re a great size and easy to transport and light weight. It’s Oct. 13th so if you can, come and say hello! If you can’t make the Burgoo but want to see my cards, magnets, and prints, my website is:

Charge it!

This adorable little phone charger caught my eye at Target. Works for both iPhones and Androids. Only $5!

Contains purple

Ok so their product placement worked. This cute little purple jar caught my eye at Michaels. It was $1! So of course I bought two! I am not sure yet what I’ll fill it with but I’m sure it will be purple!

Hung up!

Found some purple hangers at Target. They’re a deeper purple than the other ones I have, which is great! They only come 10 to a pack so a little more expensive. They’re the non-glide though, which I love!


How cute are these little wire baskets! Found them at Target for a mere $1 each! Couldn’t resist! I’m not sure what I’ll do with them but I’ll figure out something!

Cut it out!

Love my new BIG scissors! Found them at Target. I had gotten smaller ones but never found big everyday ones. Guess it’s time to retire my orange one!

Another curtain call

Love my bedroom curtains. They’re a different shade of purple than what is in my purple prayer room. They’re more on the mauve/plum side. I like that they have the tie to hold them open. Works great as it has Velcro. I hang it on the end of the curtain rod when I’m not using it. Another Amazon find!


Love this wallet! The style works perfectly for me. I had a black one and said, I wonder if I can find it in purple? Well of course I can! The color is great, more on the plum side. It has two “layers” for credit cards. I like it as the slot for my drivers license is on top of the checkbook and there are two slots for credit cards across from it. Works great for putting your most used cards there. Then there is another spot with slots for more cards and has one that could be used for your drivers license or a picture. You can access your money and change and not have to open the wallet part with your credit cards. Your checkbook is securely hidden in the inside of the wallet. I got it from Amazon.

Have earrings will travel!

Found this cute little sectioned travel container at Walmart. It’s perfect to use for earrings when traveling. The little compartments will keep your earrings together and super easy to find when getting ready in the morning. There’s also a bigger area for either larger earrings, maybe a bracelet, small necklace, or rings.

Slim wallet

Love this little wallet for when I am using a smaller purse. It’s great. Plenty of room for your drivers license, money, and credit cards. It doesn’t take up much room which is just what you want when trying to cut back and go small! I got it at Target.

Wireless Mouse

Love my wireless mouse! Not only doI not worry about the chord, but I don’t worry about my kitties biting it! So easy to use. Another Amazon purchase!