Loose fitting sweater

Love this sweater! So comfortable! Only thing is you really have to wear something under it as (at least for me) it’s cut pretty low. It works for me as I’m usually cold so another layer isn’t a bad thing. You can wear a tank top if you’re worried about being too warm. It’s not super heavy so that shouldn’t be a problem. It fits loose and is long, which is always a good thing for me! Goes great with jeans or leggings. Got it on Amazon.

Stick to it!

Love these magnetic boards. Got them on sale at Staples. Going to use them to display my magnets I’m selling at the Burgoo Festival in Utica, IL next month. They’re a great size and easy to transport and light weight. It’s Oct. 13th so if you can, come and say hello! If you can’t make the Burgoo but want to see my cards, magnets, and prints, my website is: www.analogydesigns.com

Charge it!

This adorable little phone charger caught my eye at Target. Works for both iPhones and Androids. Only $5!

From Top to Bottom!

Found these cute purple Levi jeans at Kohl’s. Surprised regular was long enough. I’d rather have gotten them in long but they are out of them in my size. These will work good enough.

Ready for Fall!

About this time of year, especially with football season around the corner, I start getting excited for sweater and boot season! Just found this awesome long dark purple sweater at Walmart.

Contains purple

Ok so their product placement worked. This cute little purple jar caught my eye at Michaels. It was $1! So of course I bought two! I am not sure yet what I’ll fill it with but I’m sure it will be purple!

Enjoying the beauty of purple

Sometimes it’s good just to take time, relax, and enjoy the beauty of purple and God’s creations. I also love flowers and how amazing is this one! I saw it at the Botanical Gardens in Chicago. If you’re in the area and love flowers, nature, a peaceful walk, and even butterflies (they have a great butterfly garden for a small additional charge), take the day or at least a few hours to go here. Cost is for parking only so bring a carful of friends! 

Botanical Gardens

1000 Lake Cake Road

Glencoe, IL 60022

Hung up!

Found some purple hangers at Target. They’re a deeper purple than the other ones I have, which is great! They only come 10 to a pack so a little more expensive. They’re the non-glide though, which I love!